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Ben Lomond Wallflower
Ben Lomond Wallflower

Mount Hermon June Beetle
Mount Hermon June Beetle

Silverleaf Manzanita
Silverleaf Manzanita

Band-winged Grasshopper
Band-winged Grasshopper

Ben Lomond Spineflower
Ben Lomond Spineflower

Ben Lomond buckwheat
Ben Lomond buckwheat
Zayante Sandhills Conservation Bank

June 23, 2006, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Coast Lines

'Grand Opening' of conservation banking system


Environmentalists joined entrepreneurs and federal and local governments to put a new concept of preserving the Santa Cruz Sandhills ecosystem into practice.

The Zayante Sandhills Conservation Bank, a large area of high quality habitat in the Sandhills near Scotts Valley, will give property owners a new way to offset construction impacts by buying "credits" that go toward preserving contiguous property rather than fragmented or degraded areas.

Until now, property owners who built in Sandhill areas had to preserve patches of habitat on a tract-by-tract, species-by-species basis. The process cost developers time and money and created regulatory entanglements. Moreover, the approach often resulted in marginal conservation benefits, supporters say.

Most of the 4,000-acre Sandhill ecosystem already has been developed. Many plant and animal species there exist nowhere else on earth.

For information visit www.zayantesandhills.com

Site Assessment Qualified Biologists:

Entomological Consulting Services, Ltd.
104 Mountain View Court
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523-2188
Richard A. Arnold, Ph.D.
Phone: 925-825-3784

Jodi M. McGraw, Ph.D.
Population and Community Ecologist
PO Box 883
Boulder Creek, CA 95006
Phone: (831) 338-1990

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